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Comprehensive Psychoeducational Evaluation

Dr. Lake is committed to providing the highest quality services and most advanced, comprehensive evaluations for her clients and families. 


Areas of assessment are based off the referral concern. Testing is the process by which data is gathered using a variety of methods. Areas of investigation may involve:

Parent Interview

Review of Records

Developmental History

Intellectual Ability

Memory and Learning

Phonological Processing

Auditory/visual processing

Oral Language

Pragmatic Language


Social Emotional Functioning



Executive Function

Auditory Attention


Autism Characteristics

Visual Motor Integration 


Consultation is sought by parents and guardians when they are struggling with their child in some capacity. It may be a concern with their child's behavior and/or difficulty knowing what to do to mitigate the presenting issues. School issues may arise and they need support knowing how they can partner with the school to support and learning, behavioral, emotional, etc. concerns.

Dr. Lake’s ability to effectively communicate highly complex testing results to parents and educators has proven paramount in assisting parents and school teams understand a child’s learning profile in order to identify and develop purposeful and effective interventions and Individualized Education Plans (IEP). Furthermore, Dr. Lake’s expert knowledge of special education (IDEA, 2004), disability law (ADA) and the public school system has been beneficial in assisting families navigate and access the services necessary for academic, social and emotional growth.


My approach to Autism evaluations are dimensional and very extensive. Points to consider:

  • Experience and expertise is imperative in an examiner of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • No singular tool or test that can definitively rule autism in our out, rather it is the practitioner you choose that is most important in this process.

  • A test does not diagnose, rather it lends information that will practitioner will evaluate and interpret through the lens of their expertise and experience.


Screenings are designed to provide preliminary information regarding the the emerging presence of a particular concerns. They are not diagnostic in nature but may provide useful data to inform the need for comprehensive evaluation and/or targeted intervention supports. They are far less time intensive and costly as full evaluation; however they only target the one specific area of concerns.

Gifted Testing

Gifted testing may prove useful in many respects as families decide on academic placements, programming, and engage in their desire to understand their child's cognitive abilities and academic skills. 

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